Beschreibung der global-C RCU
Description of global-C RCU

Remote Control Unit for navtec EPIRBs

The remote control unit (RCU = Remote Control Unit) of navtec's EPIRB global-C allows for manual activation of the EPIRB from the ships bridge. The distance between bridge and EPIRB may be up to 200m.  In addition the navtec RCU enables German registered ships (MMSI) the entry of the type of emergency. The RCU deliveres actual GPS-Position, date and time, speed and course to the built-in NMEA output. Further the navtec EPIRB can be remotely tested and GPS position can be read out on the LC-display.
RCU = Fernbedienung der EPIRB
Selectable nature of distress
(IMO Codes)
  • Unspecified
  • Grounding
  • Fire
  • Sinking
  • Capzising
  • Flooding
  • Collision
  • Drifting
  • Abandoning Ship

The additional types of emergency

  • Piracy
  • Man-Overboard

are prepared and can be used as soon as approved by IMO or the authorities.
RCU mit HDW-Montagerahmen Default display of the RCU is time, position, course und speed an.

The RCU can be used to active the following :

  • Activate an Alarm
  • Select the nature of distress (German MMSI only)
  • Deactivate an ALARM (within one minute without transmission)
  • Test the EPIRB
  • Test the EPIRBs GPS receiver (global-C plus only)
The length of the cable connection between RCU and cradle can be up to 200m.